Re: [xsl] Selection based on date comparison

Subject: Re: [xsl] Selection based on date comparison
From: Goetz Bock <bock@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 19:43:48 +0100
> <accountelement>
>    <Ledger_Element>
>       <Ledger_Entry Distribution_Flag="D" Trade_Date="11/08/2001"/>
>       <Ledger_Entry Distribution_Flag="D" Trade_Date="05/30/2000"/>
>       <Ledger_Entry Distribution_Flag="D" Trade_Date="09/30/2001"/>
>       <Ledger_Entry Distribution_Flag="" Trade_Date="06/11/2001"/>
>       <Ledger_Entry Distribution_Flag="D" Trade_Date="04/15/1999"/>
>       <filtervalues timeframe="06/03/2001"/>
>    </Ledger_Element>
> </accountelement>
> I'm trying to select all <Ledger_Entry>'s whose @Trade_Date is greater than 
> the date in <filtervalues/@timeframe> AND whose @Distribution_Flag is not 
> equal to ""
<xsl:variable name="filter" select="filtervalues/@timeframe" />
<xsl:... select="Ledger_Entry/[@Distribution_Flag != "" and @Trade_date >
    $filter] />

But the date format you choose is unsuited for compraision. Use
something like 20010603.
If you cant, you will have to use substring().


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