RE: [xsl] disable-output-escaping

Subject: RE: [xsl] disable-output-escaping
From: "Michael Kay" <michael.h.kay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 23:29:25 -0000
> Something Jeni T wrote recently caught my eye: the
>  oft-repeated admonition
> to avoid the use of disable-output-escaping because it might
>  not work in all
> processors.
> I know that's how the spec is written. I'm reasonably
>  familiar (and in
> agreement) with the other strong arguments against the use of
> disable-output-escaping. But what came to mind today was
>  this question:
> *which* XSLT processors don't support
>  disable-output-escaping?

Fair cop - you called our bluff.

To be honest, I think the fact that d-o-e might not work on all processors
is something we tell beginners because we think it's an argument they might
understand, whereas the real reasons for avoiding it are rather more subtle.
The real reasons are (a) that if you mix metaphors by generating part-tree
and part-sequential-file, then your transformations are never going to be
composable and reusable, and (b) that you'll never learn the power of the
language if you start out by misusing it this way.

Mike Kay

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