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Subject: Re: RE: [xsl] DTD
From: "tinku" <amegha1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 1 May 2002 08:21:03 -0000
Thanks for the answer.

Does XSLT processor modifies the DTD's present in the original input file?

How does the XSLT processor restores the default values present in the DTD in the input file?


On Wed, 01 May 2002 Michael Kay wrote :
XSLT doesn't generate a DTD for the result tree. It would serve no useful

When you do a transformation, you typically have in mind the structure of
the XML you want to generate. If you want to validate that the result
document actually conforms to this structure, you can add a DOCTYPE
declaration to the output file using <xsl:output>. The responsibility of
producing output that is actually valid according to the target DTD falls
entirely on the stylesheet author.

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> Hi,
> XSLT is used to transform an input XML tree into a result XML
> tree. Input XML tree has a DTD on which it is validated. But when
> we transform an input XML tree, XSLT produces a new XML tree which
> is completely different from the input tree. I wonder, how XSLT
> generates a new DTD for that result tree?.
> Thanks.
> Tinku.
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