RE: [xsl] 2 questions

Subject: RE: [xsl] 2 questions
From: "Michael Kay" <michael.h.kay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 14:26:43 +0100
> 1) I know that there is no need to check for
> string-length() when checking to see if an element is
> empty or not, but the following checks seem to be
> failing in my XSLT and I am not sure why.

You don't show your source XML, but if you are testing for empty elements
then your code is wrong.

<xsl:if test="JobTitle"> tests if a JobTitle element exists
<xsl:if test="JobTitle!=''"> tests if a non-empty JobTitle element exists
(where "empty" means that its string-value is an empty string)

> 2) How does one check to see what the parent of an
> element is? I am currently trying this, with no luck.
> <xsl:template
> match="Link[parent::node()='RelatedLinks']">
> I want only those links elements that have the parent
> element 'RelatedLinks,'

    <xsl:template match="RelatedLinks/Link">

or if you prefer

    <xsl:template match="Link[parent::RelatedLinks]">

You are testing the content of the parent element, not its name.

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