Re: [xsl] <xsl:include href = "myfile.xsl"/> not working

Subject: Re: [xsl] <xsl:include href = "myfile.xsl"/> not working
From: Greg Faron <gfaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 12:51:24 -0600
At 11:33 AM 5/1/2002, you wrote:
My apologies...

Both the files are in the same directory: /home/manish/site/xsl

Okay, as long as this is the case, your include path will always be the same:
<xsl:include href="textfield.xsl" />

I am using name spaces.

Based on your file headers, you're not really. You've only listed xsl (required) and saxon as your namespaces. These will not cause any problems for you I'm sure. Basically, all of the templates that you're writing are in the default namespace, which reduces the complexity (but sometimes the utility) of the XSL.

 Before including the xsl file, I'm doing a
for-each at: WizardBluePrint/Property/Category/Group.In the included XSL
file I'm not doing any matches.

If you're not doing any matches, then why are you surprised that nothing from the included file is appearing? There must be something (either a matched or named template) in the included file...

The xsl:include is: <xsl include href="textfield.xsl"/>

If this is exactly what your source reads, then there's your typo. You are missing a colon (":") between "xsl" and "include" keywords. It should read:
<xsl:include href="textfield.xsl"/>

The XML is quite large. I'll include it if needed.
<Greg, I think you may have this already?>

No, no, no. Just a simple snippet when relevant is required. Something like:
<WizardBluePrint ...>
<Property ...>
<Category ...>
<Group ... />
<Group ... >...</Group>

or the entire opening tag of a single element when you're having trouble performing a match. The above hierarchy (IIRC) denotes your entire XML structure. You have muliple Property elements, each containing 1 and only 1 Category element, each containing unlimited Group elements. The Group elements may or may not be empty.

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