RE: [xsl] Complex Match Pattern

Subject: RE: [xsl] Complex Match Pattern
From: "Dion Houston" <dionh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 14:02:36 -0700
Well, that kind of thing absolutely screams for a template :)

<xsl:template match="Difference[Change[not(contains(.,"NULL")) and

This template (assuming I didn't mistype anything) will match only if
there is a Change element that contains neither NULL nor NONE.  If there
is, then output it.  If there are none, nothing gets outputted.



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Subject: [xsl] Complex Match Pattern

   The problem I have is about filtering and printing problem.
**Input XML:
  <Object> A </Object>
  <Change> change1 </Change>
  <Chnage> change 2 </Change>
  The requirement is to output the Object content and the "meaningful"
change content. The "meaningful" change means the content won't contain
certain value, such as "NULL" or "NONE".
  The challenges is that if there are no any meaningful change, don't
Originally, I though that I can use the following code to solve the

<xsl:for-each select="Difference[not(contains(Change, 'NULL]') or
contains(Change, 'NONE']'))]>
   <xsl:if test="position()=1">
       <!-- output the Object content -->
       <!-- output the Change content -->

 BUT because the Change could have multiple lines, this design won't
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!!

Ming-tzung Dung

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