[xsl] XPath question

Subject: [xsl] XPath question
From: Joseph Brightly <Joseph@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 19:45:47 -0700
I'm trying to perform an xml->xml transform and I can't seem
to be able to make it work. The following is the xml, with
extraneous stuff taken out.

I need to go from this:

<session startDate="03/23/2002" startTime="11:20:05">
    <series ID="100">
        <event time="11:20:05">65.05</event>
        <event time="11:21:05">65.23</event>
        <event time="11:22:05">67.46</event>
    <series ID="200">
        <event time="11:20:05">40.15</event>
        <event time="11:21:05">40.17</event>
        <event time="11:22:05">40.56</event>

    1 - N of these <series> elements...


To this:

<session startDate="03/23/2002" startTime="11:20:05">
    <record time="11:20:05">
        <sample ID="100">65.05</sample>
        <sample ID="200">40.15</sample>
    <record time="11:21:05">
        <sample ID="100">65.23</sample>
        <sample ID="200">40.17</sample>
    <record time="11:22:05">
        <sample ID="100">67.46</sample>
        <sample ID="200">40.56</sample>



This is something like a table join in sql, and I can't find a way
to accomplish it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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