[xsl] Problem with getting values from two files

Subject: [xsl] Problem with getting values from two files
From: Mukul.Mudgal@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 11:14:16 +0530
Is is possible by XSLT

File A.

<Name value="Johan"/>
<Address Value="JohanCompositAddress" Type="CompositeAddress"/>

File B.

<Address Value ="NewYork"/>
<Address Value ="Paris"/>

Resultant File.
<UserName Value="Johan"/>
<Address Value="NewYork"/>
<Address Value="Paris"/>

Here I want to get the result by the Single XSL file...What I'm supposing
..the required XSL should do is
1. Check the type attribute of Address node of File A.
2. If it is CompositeAddress..then it should take the value (ie
JohanCompositAddress) attribute of the address node of File A and check it
...whether it is present in File B.
3. And if it is present in file B then fetch out all the address against
<JohanCompositeAddres> and show it in the resultant file.



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