RE: [xsl] question about javascript and XSL

Subject: RE: [xsl] question about javascript and XSL
From: "Stuart Celarier" <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 14:25:54 -0700
IE 6.0 and Windows XP ship with MSXML 3.0 SP 2. For reference, see:

the MSDN article "MSXML Parser 3.0 Service Pack 2 Release"
sp?url=/MSDN-FILES/027/001/772/msdncompositedoc.xml), and

the "IE6 Evaluation Features" page (8/27/01) at,
item on XML in last table on the page.

I'd be interested in any references that indicate that IE 6.0 ships with
MSXML 4.0.

If Microsoft shipped an operating system and browser without MSXML 3.0
or prior, then existing WD-xsl documents developed by Microsoft
consumers would be broken (and thousands, not on this list, would weep).
BTW, there is a link in my previously cited article for a WD-xsl to XSLT
1.0 converter from Microsoft.

I concur that the WD-xsl vs. XSLT 1.0 issue is probably not where the
original poster's problem lies. I am just clearing up the technical
error regarding MSXML versions.


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> Well, no, IE6 will not be using MSXML 4.0 as claimed below. It will
> the MSXML 3.0 that it ships with, or perhaps MSXML 2.6 or 2.0 if you
> configure it that way (please don't)

I've read a number of times that IE6 ships with msxml4.  Is that not

> More details in my article on this topic:

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