Re: [xsl] XSLT/XPath 2.0 (was "Identifying two tags...")

Subject: Re: [xsl] XSLT/XPath 2.0 (was "Identifying two tags...")
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 15:53:52 -0400

At 01:59 PM 5/6/2002, you wrote:
Some people are concerned about the sheer number of functions and operators
in XPath 2.0 (almost five times as many as in 1.0). A related issue is XPath
2.0's heavy dependence on XML Schemas. I personally share some of these
concerns. The real test of the specification's success is the number and
quality of implementations. Saxon 7 is a good pioneer. It would be great
(even crucial) to see more efforts sprout up before we approach
Recommendation status.

Could you comment more specifically please on the heavy dependence on Schemas you mention?

In particular, I'm concerned whether this dependence will mean it's not possible to use XPath 2, with its sequences, conditionals etc., in an environment where there is no schema (or no W3C Schema).

I've used W3C Schema a bit, and my experience with it suggests that most of it is vast overkill for most of what I want to do, which is on the document-centric not data-centric side. It's as if I were a baker, and W3C Schema were a chemistry lab: it's true that what I do involves some chemistry, but I can achieve what I want with some leavening and a 350 degree oven. Although Schema's mortar and pestle are nice, the centrifuge and autoclave are rather more than I need, and I don't have any idea why I'd want that hydrochloric acid. Please don't tell me I'd be a better baker if I learned to use the centrifuge, or about the great virtues of hydrochloric acid: that's just telling me you don't know from baking! :-)

I'm looking forward to the grouping, the round-tripping to node-sets etc. in XSLT 2.0; but count me among those who are nervous about XPath 2.0 largely because of the dependency questions. I'd be really happy to learn that XPath 2.0 will still do just fine even if I have no PSVI around.

I *suppose* I could go look at the draft ... but it would be nice to have a well-informed, sympathetic interlocutor put it in a nutshell.


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