RE: [xsl] Javascript looping expression in stylesheet

Subject: RE: [xsl] Javascript looping expression in stylesheet
From: "Zoe Peng" <zoe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 19:06:00 -0400
Thanks. I'll dig into the beautiful XML. 


> Zoe, this is not "very strange". You should understand that this is
> required by XML. That's why I referred you to the XML 1.0 
> It might help to see that XML does two main things: it defines a data
> model and a serialization specification. The data model that XML 
> is a hierarchical tree of data. XML serialization specifies how data 
> that data model can be written out to a file or byte stream. Using 
the <
> symbol to start XML markup tags and the & symbol to escape special
> characters are artifacts of XML serialization. When we write "& lt ;" 
> "& amp ;"  (without the spaces) we are telling the XML parser that 
> characters are not part of the XML markup, but literal characters.
> Similarly, when we use a CDATA section it tells the XML parser to not
> try to interpret anything between  <![CDATA[ and ]]> as XML. And XSLT
> deals in the world of XML: XSLT is expressed in terms of XML, XSLT
> transforms XML source data, and often XSLT produces XML results (or 
> or text). Hope that makes it seem less strange.
> The book "Essential XML" by Don Box, Aaron Skonnard and John Lam,
> Addison-Wesley, 2001, is a good place to become acquainted with the
> wonderful (and sometimes quirky) world of XML.
> Cheers,
> Stuart

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