Re: [xsl] Pass key from one XSL to another

Subject: Re: [xsl] Pass key from one XSL to another
From: Joerg Heinicke <joerg.heinicke@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 01:45:37 +0200
Hello Xiaocun,

I don't know if I understand you correctly, but my answer is: There is no problem. A key can't be passed from XSL to another, it's only a global variable, which provides easy access to the stored nodes.

If your key is declared in Organization.xsl and this file includes _base.xsl, the key() can be used there too. Why don't you easily try it? Or do you have another problem? Maybe snippets from the stylesheets will make it more clear.



Xiaocun Xu schrieb:

  I recently had a need to pass key from one XSL to
another.  The way my XSLs are organized is that all
common templates are kept in _base.xsl, while XSL such
as Organization.xsl import the _base.xsl.
  The functionality I need to implement now is to
apply transformation from Excel date to all Extended
Attributes (XA) that has data type of "date".
  Within Organization.xsl, I keep XAs of date type in
a key, and would like to pass this key to the template
that processes XAs which is located in _base.xsl so
that I can use key() to find if a XA is of date type
or not.
  Can this be done?  If not, I suppose my fallback is
to set all XAs of date type as a node-set in a
variable, which pass onto XA template, then use
xsl:for-each within the template.
  Any comments and suggestions welcomed.

Much appreciated,

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