Re: [xsl] Finding the maximum depth from a node

Subject: Re: [xsl] Finding the maximum depth from a node
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 16:31:33 -0400

This is less sophisticated, graceful and powerful than Dimitre's solution, but perhaps requires less sophistication, grace and power to maintain (so a hacker may prefer it):

<xsl:template name="deepest">
  <xsl:for-each select="//folder"> <!-- sorry everyone! -->
     <xsl:sort select="count(ancestor-or-self::*)" order="descending"/>
     <xsl:if test="position()=1">
       <xsl:value-of select="count(ancestor-or-self::*)"/>

It uses the trick of sorting all the nodes in the document by how deep they are, and then throwing away all but the first, reporting its depth.

Brutal, inefficient, and poor to scale, but it should work. (Nor does it tell you which nodes are deepest, as Dimitre's function does.)


At 03:05 PM 5/10/2002, you wrote:
Ok, I have basically almost a file structure in an xml document, something
like this:

        <folder name="1">
                <folder name="2"/>
                <folder name="3">
                        <folder name="4"/>
        <folder name="5">
                <folder name="6">
                        <folder name="7">
                                <folder name="8"/>

I need to be able to find out how deep the nodes go, i.e. when the template
has matched root, I need to work out how deep the deepest folder is (folder 8
in this case). I know how to calculate a depth from a nodes context, but not
the depth of its children.

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