Re: [xsl] Losing xsl:param values within a called template for-each loop

Subject: Re: [xsl] Losing xsl:param values within a called template for-each loop
From: Greg Faron <gfaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 16:22:27 -0600
Comments sprinkled below...

At 03:51 PM 5/13/2002, you wrote:
Here is the sample xml doc...
<CrfActionGroup destinationLogicalId="I3">
                <CommandReference refid="CMD1"/>
                <KeyGroup id="K1" keyGroupType="PARTY"> <!-- get the
keygroup where its AlternateId child has a @sourceLogicalID equal to I3-->
                        <AlternateId value="2001-07-25-"
sourceLogicalId="ANO" state="exists"/>
                        <AlternateId value="826620515239830"
sourceLogicalId="I3" state="exists"/> <!-- pass the @value to the named
                <KeyGroup id="K2" keyGroupType="PARTY">
                        <AlternateId value="2001-07-25-"
sourceLogicalId="ANO" state="exists"/>
                        <AlternateId value="953689412580434"
sourceLogicalId="I3" state="exists"/>
                <AddPelpPolicyRequest cmdType="request"
                                <KeyGroup refid="K1"/> <!-- need to match
this refid value to the id value of the CrfActionGroup KeyGroup element seen
                                <partyId/> <!-- this needs to become the
value of the @value for the <AlternateID> element where its @sourceLogicalID
= I3 as seen above-->
                                        <KeyGroup refid="K1"/>
                                        <partyId>PARTY ID</partyId>
                                        <KeyGroup refid="K2"/>

I'm assuming you merely forgot to enter a root node, as the above is a not valid XML document. I'm using <root>...</root> to envelop the above.

Here is the xsl template....

<xsl:template match="KeyGroup">  <!-- search through first set of KeyGroup
elements -->

This match will match the KeyGroup elements in the top of your XML snippit, as well as those contained in your COMMAND element. Are you sure that you want to name them the same?

                <xsl:for-each select="AlternateId">
                        <xsl:if test=" @sourceLogicalId = 'I3' "> <!-- get
its child with the attribute value specified-->
                                <xsl:call-template name="command"> <!-- if
the test is true, call the named template passing the parms-->
                                        <xsl:with-param name="keyvalue"
                                        <xsl:with-param name="keyid"

<xsl:template name="command" match="COMMAND">

I'm not sure that this is legal, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended. When you call the template, it will not have any simultaneous match to a COMMAND element that you seem to try to access. Likewise, when you match the COMMAND element, you won't have any parameters to output. You need to pick one method of accessing it, and go with that.

                <xsl:param name="keyvalue"/>
                <xsl:param name="keyid"/>
                        <xsl:if test="($keyvalue != '') and ($keyid != '')">
                        <!-- TEST VALUES These output correctly here-->
                        <xsl:value-of select="$keyvalue"></xsl:value-of>
                        <xsl:value-of select="$keyid"></xsl:value-of>
                                <xsl:for-each select="descendant::KeyGroup">
<!--search the KeyGroup descendants of the COMMAND element-->
                                        <!-- LOSING THE PARAM VALUES HERE-->
                                        <xsl:if test="@refid = '$keyid'">
<!-- if the refId = parm passed in, then output the other parm value passed
                                                partyId <xsl:value-of

Could you post an example of what your desired output is, before I spend any time stepping though your code and second-guessing it?

Greg Faron
Integre Technical Publishing Co.

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