RE: [xsl] MSXML4 only crashes (Was: Re: RE: Bug in treating an RTF by Saxon 6.5 and MSXML4)

Subject: RE: [xsl] MSXML4 only crashes (Was: Re: RE: Bug in treating an RTF by Saxon 6.5 and MSXML4)
From: "Andrew Kimball" <akimball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 16:31:34 -0700

I've repro'd your bug, found the problem, and will include the fix in
the next SP of MSXML4.

The crash occurs when all of the following are true:
1. No xsl:output method specified
2. No text or elements sent to output before an error occurs
3. Error (any runtime error) occurs while constructing an RTF

You mentioned that you've seen crashes on run-time errors in other
cases.  If you see other crashes that cannot be worked around by setting
the xsl:output method explicitly (in other words, is probably a
different bug than this one), will you send me the repro?  Crashes are
severe enough that they will always get approved for service-pack

~Andy Kimball

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From: Dimitre Novatchev [mailto:dnovatchev@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [xsl] MSXML4 only crashes (Was: Re: RE: Bug in treating an RTF
by Saxon 6.5 and MSXML4)

I wrote:
> "Dion Houston" <dionh at microsoft dot com> wrote:
> > Just to be clear, is the bug that on the default case, arg1 will 
> > contain the parent of root (/..), which shouldn't allow any 
> > operations on it?
> > 
> > If not, can you please simplify the bug steps?
> > 
> > Thanks!
> > 
> > Dion
> Hi Dion,
> No, what happens is that an RTF is passed as the value of $arg1.
> I'm not sure if I will have time in the next week to try to look for
> a
> simpler example -- this one is a real example and you can reproduce
> it
> and study it.
> I have some guesses why this might happen and I'd be glad to provide
> any further explanations off-list, please, do not hesitate to contact
> me.

Actually what I reported is 100% true for MSXML3. 

MSXML4 just crashes when any of the lines marked with <!--Err-> are
present in the provided source. I have noted this consistent crashing
behaviour of MSXML4 on run-time errors in many other cases.

I confirm once again that using the sources provided in my first
message the problem is 100% reproducible with Saxon 6.5. Anybody can
try and reproduce it.

Therefore, I'd greatly appreciate if both the crashing behaviour of
MSXML4 and the non-conformant treatment of RTFs by Saxon 6.5 be fixed
in their next versions.

Dimitre Novatchev.

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