Re: [xsl] Make selection depending on value n-th child element

Subject: Re: [xsl] Make selection depending on value n-th child element
From: Martin Beugel <mbeugel@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 20:13:34 +0200
Thanks Jeni,

That was the problem.

Bye Martin

At 05:24 PM 18-05-02 +0100, you wrote:
Hi Martin,

> I want to be able to do this for the n-th value. I've tried <xsl:if
> test="./value[1] &gt; 0"> to test the second value but this does not
> work. How do I address the value the n-th child element to make a
> selection?

That's the right kind of thing, but remember that XPath indexes count
from 1 rather than from 0, so:

<xsl:if test="value[1] > 0">...</xsl:if>

tests whether the *first* value element has a value greater than 0. If
you want to test the second, then use:

<xsl:if test="value[2] > 0">...</xsl:if>

You don't need to do ./value -- that just tells the processor to go
from the context node to its child value element, and all relative
paths go from the context node anyway.

Also note that value > 0 tests whether *any* value element child has a
numeric value greater than 0, rather than testing the last one.



Jeni Tennison

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