Re: [xsl] NullPointerException

Subject: Re: [xsl] NullPointerException
From: Oleg Tkachenko <olegt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 11:16:38 +0200
normbishop1@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

You are right! FOP NullPointerException errors are extremely unhelpful. I did try to create the xml page using the command line parser. This time it complained about that the xml file not being well-formed, even though the .fo file is. Not sure how that can happen. If I would remove the code below then every thing is fine. Does it make any sense to you?

<xsl:template match="node()"> <xsl:copy> <xsl:copy-of select="@*"/> <xsl:if test="contains(. ,'<sub>')">
You can't use "<" within attribute value, see xml spec, that should be escaped, e.g.:

<xsl:if test="contains(. ,'&lt;sub&gt;')">

Anyway I don't understand how node string value could contain "<sub>" substring, the only way I can imagine is CDATA sections, do you have them?

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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