AW: [xsl] Schema usage with XSLT

Subject: AW: [xsl] Schema usage with XSLT
From: "Fries, Markus, fiscus GmbH, Bonn" <M.Fries@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 15:39:59 +0200

I work in a big project (>100 people) with J2EE for the finance ministry of
Gemarny. All of our (only internal) datatransfer is done with XML. dtd's do
always exist, but in production most XML we do not validate because of
perfomance issues. In this case dtd's are still essential to us for
specification and testing.

Best regards

Markus Fries

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Betreff: [xsl] Schema usage with XSLT

I've been challenged by my boss to justify a statement
re the use of schemas/DTD's.

I'm trying to find out whether the XML you work with has 
an associated DTD or Schema of some description.

If you can spare a minute, would you guess/estimate if:

a. XML instance has no schema
b. XML instance probably has a schema, but its not provided or referenced.
c. XML instance has an included or referenced schema.

If you could indicate rough percentages in each group I'll
put the results back to the list.
For example, in my case its probably

a  - 10%
b  - 60%
c  - 30% 

An off list reply would be best.

Thanks in advance.

Regards DaveP

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