[xsl] XalanTransformer help needed ASAP

Subject: [xsl] XalanTransformer help needed ASAP
From: AXRAMAKR@xxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 11:03:07 -0500
Hi all,

I am using C++ XalanTransformer with a DOM Input and this is the code

long CEOMsgEvntCurrCycle::processXSLOutput(const DOM_Document doc)
      //Apply style sheet and put it in a flat file
      // Set up a XercesParserLiaison and use it to wrap the DOM_Document
    // in a XalanDocument.
    // Initialise

    XalanTransformer theXalanTransformer;
    XercesDOMSupport theDOMSupport;
    XercesParserLiaison theParserLiaison(theDOMSupport);
    XalanDocument* theDoc = theParserLiaison.createDocument(doc);

    // Use the XalanDocument to create an XSLTInputSource object, which
    // you can then use in a transformation.
    XSLTInputSource     theInputSource(theDoc);
the rest of the code


I am getting this error. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I looked at the
XSLTINput and it has a constructor that takes in a XalanNode* . Why is it
an error?

Error 226: "CEOMsgEvntCurrCycle.C", line 393 # No appropriate function
found for call of
    'XSLTInputSource::XSLTInputSource'. Last viable candidate was
    "XSLTInputSource::XSLTInputSource(const unsigned short *)"
    ["/upapps/ceo/xml-xalan/c/src/XSLT/XSLTInputSource.hpp", line 110].
Argument of type
    'XalanDocument *' could not be converted to 'const unsigned short *'.
        XSLTInputSource     theInputSource(theDoc);


Akila Ramakrishnan
(314) 768 5809

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