RE: [xsl] XML + XSL(T) = PDF, HTML etc

Subject: RE: [xsl] XML + XSL(T) = PDF, HTML etc
From: Emmanuel Oviosa <Emmanuel.Oviosa@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 09:44:24 +0100
Yes its possible so as long as your xsl file contains Formatting Objects
(FO), you will need this namespace <fo:root
xmlns:fo="";>. Also, you will have to learn
how to format a page. Get a book on XSL-FO.

You can pass a file to fop.bat and the file would be converted to a PDF file
so as long as the file contains FO tags e.g 
<fo:layout-master-set> xxxxxxx </fo:layout-master-set>.

I have done this differntly in the past by building a string which is then
saved as and passed to fop.bat with the help of a vb component that
calls fop.bat without using xsl. But it was slow.


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Subject: [xsl] XML + XSL(T) = PDF, HTML etc

Hello everyone.

I,ve never used xml or xsl. I need to generate diffarent types of documents
from a single source (xml). What is my best bet at learning the path to do

Tuts etc. What are the particular xml related technologies that need to be

Is it possible to simply place xml with a related xsl file put it trough
xslt(xalan), and then use fop.jar(from apache)?

Anything to get me started.

Kind Regards,

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