RE: [xsl] Displaying text nodes and child nodes

Subject: RE: [xsl] Displaying text nodes and child nodes
From: Américo Albuquerque <aalbuquerque@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 12:02:06 +0100
Hi there!
First I would like to thanks to every one that help me with my problem. I
found a solution using this template:

 <xsl:template match="Contact//*|Contact//text()">
   <xsl:apply-templates match="*|text()"/>

and it worked just fine :)

And yes David, it seams that it would be an answer like that but you see,
java is similar to C but it isn't C.
I'm learning xslt but I can't simply leave the WD-xsl until I can do the
same kind of work with xslt.
You see, I write web pages to that mostly use IE4 and IE5 so I'm stuck with
WD-xsl for a while. I've also to worry about portability and that's the
greatest head ach for those who write web pages.

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Subject: Re: [xsl] Displaying text nodes and child nodes

> I tryied your code but it didn't work because I use the namespace
> ''

If you posted to a C list and someone gives an answer in C
would you say "but it doesn't work because I use Java".

This list is for XSL, but you are using an unsupported obsolete language
that is specific to older versions of microsoft XML parsers.

IE5 can use XSL if upgraded to MSXML3 and IE6 uses XSL by default.
MSXML4 only supports XSL and doesn't support the language WD-xsl at


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