RE: [xsl] Generate PDF from XML

Subject: RE: [xsl] Generate PDF from XML
From: "John Dreystadt" <jdreystadt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 11:13:24 -0400
> There are other implementations of XSL (renderx, xep, 
> passivetex, ...) So your current stylesheet generating FO 
> should work with any of those.
> also there are many ways of getting from XML without using 
> XSL (or XSLT for that matter) xmltex, dsssl, 3b2, arbortext, ...

I work for Arbortext so I want to clarify our support.

Our products incorporate a public domain XSL transformation engine with
some specialized interface code so the transformation engine is working
off of our internal memory model. We also have an XSL FO formatting
engine which is not public domain, it works off of much of the same code
base as our older FOSI based formatting engine. We still have some bugs
and some limitations in our support but we are working hard to resolve
the issues we know about.

So David was correct when he listed us in his paragraph about ways that
involve not using XSL, but we should also have appeared in his paragraph
about other implementations of XSL. For printing and PDF, we support
both the XSL standard and the older FOSI standard.

One nice aspect of our integration against our internal data model is we
allow users to use XSL stylesheets not only with XSL documents, but also
with XSL entities, SGML documents, and SGML entities. If a stylesheet is
intended to be used with entities, the stylesheet author has to consider
the possibility of multiple top level tags. An XML document cannot have
multiple top level tags but an entity has different rules.

If a stylesheet is intended to be used with SGML, the user needs to
realize the SGML marked sections are resolved before the stylesheet sees
the data and SGML character references that don't have valid Unicode
values will be passed to the stylesheet as the character entity
reference in text form. So while there are some edge conditions to
consider, we also support both XSL and XSL(T) for our customer base who
are using SGML for historical or legal reasons. 

John Dreystadt
Director of Product Management

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