Re: [xsl] Xalan memory limit?!

Subject: Re: [xsl] Xalan memory limit?!
From: Matthew Braun <mbraun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:18:03 CDT
jose.leon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>    I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I'm newbie on Xalan and I don't
>know what it is. I'm trying to convert to PDF a DocBook document I wrote,
>it's a bit big and when I try to use Xalan to convert to FO, it only
>produces a document around 32Kb, the rest it gets trimmed. Is this normal?
>What I'm doing wrong?, Could you recommend me a desired list of tools to
>publish DocBook documents to HTML & PDF? (Both Windows and Linux, please)

I'm using xsltproc, a free xslt processor which is available from  I've used it on both Linux and Solaris, and it is
supported on a variety of operating systems, including Windows.

Take a look at Dave Pawson's DocBook FAQ:
specifically on the "Tools" page:
which describes how to set it up on Windows.  (The Linux setup is even easier,
if you can grab RPMs and things.)

For more advice on this and other DocBook tools, you might want to check
out the DocBook Applications mailing list, at:


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