[xsl] Where to learn XSLT? (for Timothy Allen)

Subject: [xsl] Where to learn XSLT? (for Timothy Allen)
From: "Vladimir Stanciu" <vlads@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 10:58:37 +0300

Hi all,

I am a little bit new to some of this as all my codeing so far has relied
on CSS syntax

Does anyone know good books or website to recommend for me ?

May thanks in advance





I had a great headake when I first started to learn XSLT. I tried
a lot of tutorials like the ones on http://www.vbxml.com, or
http://www.xml.com, etc. They were nice for getting the picture, but
not for getting into detail. The most complete XSLT reference you can
find comes with The MS XML Parser 4.0 SDK from Microsoft. You can
download it for FREE from somewhere at http://www.microsoft.com.

!BE CAREFUL! The docuementation is for the Microsoft Parser. Some (very
few) elements are for this parser exclusively, but it's mentioned in
the documentation; for example the "format-date" function is called:
"ms:format-date Function". If you develop to use with other parsers avoid
using them.

Surely, you must be working on Windows for this to work...

You can test your XSLT in Internet Explorer using the parser before using it
on the application you're building for.

ADDITIONALLY, a great tool for developing any XML-based document (such as
is XML-Spy. You can download a free trial from http://www.xmlspy.com. It
helps you
a lot as it has "auto-completion" for XSL tags. You type "<xsl:val" and it
writes the rest for you. "<xsl:value-of select=""/>". It uses a parser such
MS XML Parser or any other (it's configurable) to test and verify your work.

Vladimir Stanciu

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