Re: [xsl] Column widths

Subject: Re: [xsl] Column widths
From: Gustaf Liljegren <gustafl@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 15:01:56 +0200
At 11:40 2002-06-23 +0200, you wrote:

Thanks Joerg,

>The correct applying the template on td and th is important for a 
>correct position(). The next step is the "grouping" of the col-elements. 
>Because they have different colgroup-parents, you must use parentheses 
>for this job. This should work.

It does. It was the missing parentheses.

>Two more comments: Why are you using the attribute-axis, writing @ is 
>much shorter ... and in my eyes more readable.

It's just for consistency. Since I started using only (?) the verbose
syntax I finally began to understand XPath. Much confusion was avoided by
using only one syntax, instead of two. When I understand XPath I'll perhaps
turn to the abbreviated syntax.

>If a attribute should have the same 
>name and value in input and output, it will be easier to copy it.



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