RE: [xsl] In XSL FO: how do I repeat a piece of text other than the header or footer

Subject: RE: [xsl] In XSL FO: how do I repeat a piece of text other than the header or footer
From: "SANWAL, ABHISHEK (HP-Houston)" <abhishek.sanwal@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 18:01:29 -0500

Thanks to both of you. I kind of got what you were saying thanks to the
little sample code you wrote. Let's see if I can make it work for what I
want to do.

One last question about the above

Does a marker have to be written into a Header or Footer region (true or
false)? Can it be a part of the "xsl-body" region? Because that is kind
of the "fee' I am getting from the FO example of RenderX. Of course, I
may be wrong as I have yet to include the marker stuff into the bigger
picture that I am trying to paint.

And if it does not have to be in the header/footer if it gets placed in
some other area then does it "OVERLAP" on other content or "PUSH" the
other content down in the body-flow region of the paginated document ? 

Thanks a million :)

Abhishek Sanwal
HP - Houston Campus

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Subject: RE: [xsl] In XSL FO: how do I repeat a piece of text other than
the header or footer

Hi Abhishek,

At 12:26 PM 9/3/2003, you wrote:
>Thanks for the help. I believe my point did not get across clearly.
>My question is not the usage of the markers and the blocks around it.
>My question is how would I use XSL to "modify" or "repopulate" markers
>whenever the pages "hit" (or are incident upon) content from the "next"

If a new chapter starts and a new marker is presented to the formatter,
knows how to do the modification on the pages. (That's what markers are

Your solution is as easy as:

<xsl:template match="chapter">
     <fo:marker marker-class-name="chapter-title">
        <xsl:apply-templates select="title" mode="header"/>

Each chapter gets a marker with its own title in it; the
(which refers to this marker class), placed into the static content
is, the header), then updates itself. That job is done by the formatter;
long as the marker is there, your XSLT doesn't have to do anything else.

>? Any clearer or should I try once again :) ??

I'm not sure I got it wrong the first time. (I did mention the template
the chapter.) Why not look up markers and try them, using an example to
go by?

Or am I still missing the point of the question?


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