Re: [xsl] Re: EXSLT, how to use its functions once more

Subject: Re: [xsl] Re: EXSLT, how to use its functions once more
From: fe.sola@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 19:38:56 -0400
I just set the exMsxsl.exe tool as an external processor in the XMLSpy but it still 
fails to support the extended functions, everything works fine when I use the command-
line utility directly, but I would like to trace through the stylesheet for debugging. 
Is there any chance that when I try to debug the stylesheet in the XMLSPY it gets the 
default processor instead of the external I just set?

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> > Hi
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> > I think that xmlspy uses msxml that doesn't support exslt.
> EXSLT support for MSXML4 (common:node-set() and all functions from the
> "Sets" module) can be downloaded at
> One can configure the command-line options of XML-SPY to work with
> exMsxsl.exe (the modified msxsl.exe command-line utility, which supports
> EXSLT) like this (this info provided by Oleg Tkachenko):
> Tools --> Options --> XSL
> External XSL transformation program:
> C:\Program Files\EXSLT for MSXML4\msEXSLT\exMsxsl.exe
> %1 %3 -o %2 -u '4.0*ex'
> This can be used to perform transformations with XMLSPY. AFAIK XMLSPY have
> their own XSLT processor used for debugging. This means that EXSLT support
> will be unavailable during debugging with XMLSPY.
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