RE: [xsl] how to pass parameters down through nested templates using xsl:apply templates in a nested fashion?

Subject: RE: [xsl] how to pass parameters down through nested templates using xsl:apply templates in a nested fashion?
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 11:20:54 -0400

I'm glad you're figuring it all out.

At 04:42 AM 9/11/2003, you wrote:
Although I am currently learning it the hard way, what's a good
reference to examples/samples or a cookbook / tutorial to develop "test
expressions" which I so often require, know the logic but have
difficulty with syntax between () [] etc.


I know what you mean, and I have glanced, at least, at most of the XSLT books out there, and have my favorites ... nonetheless, since I don't really use them myself much (if I get really stuck I tend to look at the spec, for a simple syntax thing; if it's more complicated I usually set the problem aside for a few hours until I think of a new angle that generally helps resolve it -- letting it rest is a technique that really works for me), and never really did (like the authors of the books, I'm what you might call a "first-generation" XSLT user ... the books didn't exist when I was at that point) -- I think your question would be better answered by those who have actual experience to refer to.

I wonder if anyone else -- maybe 2nd- or 3rd-gen (picked up XSLT after, say, 1999; used the books but has now internalized the rules for the most part) -- could comment on their favorite references, cookbooks, tutorials?

There is a huge amount of material out there, after all.

Oh, and don't forget the Mulberry XSLT Quick Reference at In addition to listing all the standard instructions, functions and operators, it tells you (if you look closely enough) where you are allowed to use AVTs, along with similar hints. Thank Tony Graham, my erstwhile colleage, for most of the work on it.


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