[xsl] [announce] XMLSPY 2004 available, introducing MAPFORCE 2004

Subject: [xsl] [announce] XMLSPY 2004 available, introducing MAPFORCE 2004
From: "Larry E. Kim" <larry.kim@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 18:31:33 -0400
[announce] Dear XSL-List,

The new Altova product line of XML tools is available, consisting of
updates to XMLSPY 2004, AUTHENTIC 2004, STYLEVISION 2004, and
introducing MAPFORCE 2004. These products include new support for XSL
and related technolgy, XPath 2.0, by providing: (1) a Visual XML-to-XML
mapper (which generates either XSLT or Java), and (2) an XPath Analyzer
which supports the W3C's Xpath 2.0 recommendation of May, 2003. The
features are described in greater detail below:

MAPFORCE 2004 is a visual XML data mapping tool, which auto-generates
custom data mapping code in multiple output languages such as XSLT and
Java, to enable programmatic XML-to-XML or database-to-XML data
transformations. Altovas new MAPFORCE 2004 simplifies any enterprise
data integration project. Using MAPFORCE 2004, data architects can
programmatically convert any relational data into XML, simply by drawing
visual mappings from relational databases to any data model expressed in
XML schema. MAPFORCE 2004 will then auto-generate the software program
code required to programmatically marshal data from the source database
to the target XML schema. Next, MAPFORCE 2004 transform XML data from
one XML format to another, by visually drawing mappings between
different XML schema content models. The MAPFORCE 2004 approach to
enterprise data integration ensures compatibility and interoperability
across different platforms, servers, programming languages and database

Key features of MAPFORCE 2004 include:

* Powerful User Interface - Define mappings by visually drawing lines
between data structures, preview code and sample output with a single
* Supports any Relational Database - MAPFORCE 2004 supports all
commercial relational databases, including Microsoft SQL Server,
Oracle9i (via OCI), or any database with ADO or ODBC connectivity.
* Support for Multiple Inputs and Outputs - Advanced multi-pass data
transformations (from schema, to schema to schema, etc.) can easily be
set up simply by chaining stylesheets together in sequence. Target
schemas can be populated from multiple data sources.
* XSLT and Java Code Generation - Ideal for heterogeneous computing
environments. Support for additional C#, C++ to be added within the
year, and will be offered as a free upgrade to any MAPFORCE 2004
* Rich Function Libraries - Handle the most advanced XML data mapping
scenarios using a comprehensive data mapping function library, enabling
the data architect to define mapping rules based on conditions, boolean
logic, string operations, mathematical computations, or any user-defined

MAPFORCE 2004 is available for a free 30-day trial download at:

The new Altova product line consists of complete updates to existing
products, XMLSPY 2004, AUTHENTIC 2004, and STYLEVISION 2004. To meet the
demands of users of XML technologies, Altova has added numerous new
features to its award-winning product family of XML development tools
and content authoring tools. The key new features of XMLSPY 2004

* XPath 2.0 Analyzer - Experiment with the newest XML technologies,
based on the W3Cs XPath 2.0 working draft of May, 2003.
* Microsoft Visual Studio(r) .NET(r) Integration - An added convenience
for Microsoft Developers, enabling them to use the XMLSPY directly
within their preferred editing environment.
* XML Differencing - Visually compare files and directories in a highly
configurable, XML-aware manner, which can properly handle such variables
as namespace prefixes, whitespace, ordering of elements and attributes,
CDATA/Processing Instructions/Comments, resolving of entities, and more.
* Completely re-implemented Database Utilities - Native support for
Oracle databases, auto-generation of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 9i
XML Schema extensions, generation of XML Schemas according to SQL/XML
* New code generation support for Borland C# Builder projects 
* Numerous usability and performance enhancements - 

Key new features of AUTHENTIC 2004 and STYLEVISION 2004 (Stylesheet
Designer) include:
* Automatic Calculation of fields based on industry standard XPath for
input in AUTHENTIC and output in HTML/PDF
* Automatic Business Logic Validation based on industry standard XPath
for input in AUTHENTIC
* Support for more complex table structures with multiple rows and
footers for input and output
* Rich Input Formatting capabilities, can also be used for output in
HTML/PDF Date/Time control in AUTHENTIC for easy entry of date values

Download a free trial of the new Altova version 2004 XML Tools from:

Learn more about these new products at the Altova XMLSPY 2004 Road Show.

Dates and Times: 
San Francisco, CA, Monday, Sept. 22 2003, 3:30-5 pm  
Washington, DC, Tuesday, Sept. 30 2003, 3:30-5 pm  
Boston, MA, Thursday, Oct. 2 2003, 3:30-5 pm

All attendees receive a free Altova XMLSPY T-Shirt. 
Space is limited, Register today at: www.altova.com/register

Larry Kim

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