Re: [xsl] [announce] XMLSPY 2004 available, introducing MAPFORCE2004

Subject: Re: [xsl] [announce] XMLSPY 2004 available, introducing MAPFORCE2004
From: "Garvin Franco" <garvin_franco@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 09:21:48 -0400
Well call me old fashion, but people just don't have patience anymore. We now live in societies where we must get the things we want "yesterday" instead of putting in a little effort to get things done. Where are we going at this fast pace? xmlspy is just a tool. Carpenters have many tools, and not all carpenters use the same tools. If the spy does not do the job for you, move on, there are tons of other tools out there to put into your tool box. What is really good about these forums is that we can express and share our findings on tools we use to do our jobs so that others can gain information and make informed decisions when required.

xmlspy (Pro + Enterprise) has a great schema documentaion feature and it's one of the major reasons my org. uses it.

Garvin }8-)

From: Peter Flynn <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [xsl] [announce] XMLSPY 2004 available, introducing MAPFORCE2004
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 22:08:29 +0100

On Sat, 2003-09-13 at 21:24, Garvin Franco wrote:
> Elliotte before you make those accusations you should really make sure you
> have evidence to back your claim.
> On the main page
> click on the shop tab
> click on your country of origin (i.e USA/Canada, Europe etc)
> click on the product you want re: xmlspy 2004
> click on enterprise, professional or home edtion
> and voila, prices at @ your service

Takes its time but eventually gets there. The user shouldn't
have to drill down that far just to get a price though.

	Home/School	$49
	Pro		$478
	Enterprise	$1188

Why they can't just put that on the home page I cannot explain.


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