[xsl] Get and change element attributes

Subject: [xsl] Get and change element attributes
From: "Mark Oliver" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:15:50 +1200

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Hi I'm new at XSLT and am trying to find and replace attributes in 
particular elements with new values. 
There are two XML documents in the transformation that I am trying to 
write. The main input XML document contains data; the second XML 
document is passed in as a parameter and contains output structure 

I would like to be able to find elements in the parameter document 
(Templates) that is passed into the transformation and select div 
elements by id and change their Tag attributes and output them. 

This is how I?m adding the parameter document.
<xsl:variable name="Templates" 
select="document('Templates.xml')" />

Below is an example of the parameter XML document.


	<div    id='1' Tag='stuff1'>

	<div     id='2' Tag='stuff2?>

	<div     id='3' Tag='stuff3?>

	<div     id='4' Tag='stuff4?>

	<div     id='5' Tag='stuff5?>

	<div     id='6' Tag='stuff6?>


I would really love some help with this one it has me stuck.


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