[xsl] Problem relocating nodes and then applying templates

Subject: [xsl] Problem relocating nodes and then applying templates
From: Ryan Graham <Ryan.Graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 10:40:50 -0700

I currently have the following type of reference scattered throughout an XML
document (used as place-holders):

<figureAnchor figures="c01-fig-xxxx"/>   ["xxxx" is some number]

all of which reference a node structure at the end of the xml file:

    <figure id="c01-fig-0001">
        <graphic xlink:href="file://images/someimage1.jpg" />
            <p>Figure caption 1</p>
    <figure id="c01-fig-0002">
        <graphic xlink:href="file://images/someimage2.jpg" />
            <p>Figure caption 2</p>

When I come upon a <figureAnchor> tag during the transform to an FO
document, is there anyway to grab the proper node from the end of the
document, insert it at the <figureAnchor> location, and then apply-templates
to format the elements??  I've tried copy-of, but this only writes the raw
XML to the output FO file.  When trying apply-templates, the processor jumps
to the <figureGroup> at the end of the file, and proceeds to process from
there (skipping the processing of the rest of the xml file between
<figureAnchor> and <figureGroup>).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Ryan Graham
Digital Content Developer

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