RE: [xsl] Critique/comments sought: XML/XSLT website documentation project

Subject: RE: [xsl] Critique/comments sought: XML/XSLT website documentation project
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 15:01:25 -0700

First, really nice work in the math and XSL.

I just had some time to play around with your XSL. I modified it to work
with our site.xml. I changed a few things to enable it to layout out larger
sites as well. 

The global lineLength param was lengthened to 220 so folders with several
pages wouldn't bunch up so much. In some ways the bunching is good because
it tells you that usability will suffer, but sometimes you need to have many
pages in a folder...

I changed the template/@name & call-template to a template/@match &
apply-template. I couldn't get rid of the for-each and strictly use
apply-templates because it would not change the child's angle. I don't know
why apply-templates doesn't work in place of for-each???

Since we have folder and page nodes I multiplied the cx and cy variables for
folders by 4 to give more room for larger sites. In doing so, I still get
overlaps. Perhaps you have plans for collision detection? :)

Another feature might be to add interactivity where you can click on a node
to expand/collapse it (and center the node clicked in the viewport).

Cool stuff - thanks for posting it,

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> I have spent the last week learning XSLT, and have just completed my
> first project (in as much as any project is ever "complete"). I wanted
> to test my skills for fun, but also try to make something useful, so
> I've come up with an XML system for documenting websites. The XSLT then
> produces various forms of documentation from the XML, finally ending my
> age-old reliance on Visio, Word, Excel etc. documents that always seem
> to be out-of-synch with one another.
> I'd be grateful if anyone would like to take a look and offer
> suggestions/improvements - I know there's a lot that I could add to it,
> but at the moment I just wanted to make something that worked. Also, I'm
> sure there are people here who will find a tool like this useful. If so,
> after some more refinement I'd like to offer it up for wider public
> consumption (in which event, I'd welcome tips on where to publicise it)
> The XML schema is here:
> And a sample XML document based on it here:
> Here's an XSLT file to transform the XML into a page of HTML, describing
> all of the pages on the website in list format:
> And here's an example of its output:
> Here's an XSLT file to transform the XML into an SVG map of the website,
> showing the links between pages:
> And here's an example of its output:
> (use an SVG viewer to see the graphical version, e.g.
> You can download the whole lot here, including the trig library include
> file needed to draw the circles in SVG:
> Comments welcome!
> Dan Sumption

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