[xsl] javascript- variable question - in XSL document

Subject: [xsl] javascript- variable question - in XSL document
From: "Bruce Rojas-Rennke" <brr@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 11:52:51 -0600
I have a javascript function in an XSL page, and can't get the beast to
handle it's own variable.
- Is there something about being in an xsl doc that buggers javascript? The
below code will  simply output 'varNow' in the URL string, instead of it's
decalred value of 'testText'..

Am I crazy? Or at least can someone can illuminate my ignorance?

<script language="javascript">
  function getPL(form) {
    if (form.rptPeriod[0].selected) {
	varNow = "testText";

     } else {
	return true;


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