[xsl] attributes in and out

Subject: [xsl] attributes in and out
From: clemens schrenk <clemens.schrenk@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 13:15:56 +0200
i have a problem with getting the right outcome (for each) of these instance
elements. they look like this:

<INSTANCE class="Audio" name="God Shave the queen">
<ATTRIBUTE name="Position" type="STRING">NODE x:5.00cm y:9.00cm w:1.77cm
h:2.25cm index:4

i need to get the following construction:

<item identifier="NODE x:5.00cm y:9.00cm w:1.77cm h:2.25cm index:4">
<title>"God Shave the queen"</title>

so far i used a double for-each loop but could only extract one identifier
for each of the different instances. another thing is, that i only want to
use it for the <INSTANCE class="audio", and ="picture"

it shouldn't be too difficult but i just can't get it right. thanks for
helping me


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