RE: [xsl] defaut xslt stylesheet for IE

Subject: RE: [xsl] defaut xslt stylesheet for IE
From: "Jacoby, Peter R." <PJACOBY@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 13:59:00 -0400
The stylesheet that IE uses internally can be found at
or more specifically:
res://msxml4.dll/DEFAULTSS.xsl (or msxml3.dll)

For more information about this see the MSXML FAQ:

The only problem is that this is written not in XSLT, but in WD-XSL
Microsoft's language prior to XSLT 1.0  If you want an XSLT solution, you
can check out

which has a version that does a fair amount of what the Microsoft version
does, but isn't quite as nice-looking.  There are probably others out there,
for you to use if you search on Google or the list archives.

Another idea to look into is whether you can pass the data from your
database to the client with a MIME type of XML set so that the browser
correctly interprets that as XML that it should handle accordingly.


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Subject: [xsl] defaut xslt stylesheet for IE

For an xml file, IE will display a tree structure when without a stylesheet
attached to it. This works only when you have the xml file extension. I have
an oracle xsql page that returns an xml file, but IE won't display the tree
structure. Where can I find the default stylesheet for IE?



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