Re: [xsl] [Fwd: Unwanted xmlns attributes in ouput html tags]

Subject: Re: [xsl] [Fwd: Unwanted xmlns attributes in ouput html tags]
From: Dinesh Gurram <Dinesh.Gurram@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 11:30:06 +1000
Hi David,

That's interesting to know. Somehow my parser complains. From what I understand it doesn't complain at the time of loading the entity via &... It seems to complain at the time of the entity being defined - in the DTD subset (but nothing in the DTD seems to be loaded with a %). It seems to me that because it's a SYSTEM entity, it seems to de-reference the file name and grab the full contents of the file and do a virtual "paste" into the DTD...and so when it sees a % sign in the "pasted" file, it thinks of it as a parameter entity reference. That's my interpretation but I could be wrong...I'm not too experienced in this area.

As for the parser/processor, unfortunately we are stuck with Jaxp 1.1 + Crimson 1.1 + Xalan 2.4.1...which I am aware is old, but I'm left with no choice.



David Carlisle wrote:
Anyways, getting the the problem, I had some "%" signs in my include file, like for eg. <td width="100%">. The parser confuses this "%" sign for a parameter entity reference and complains.

It should not unless your parser is very buggy, % is not special in an
entity loaded via &... (only within a dtd in an entity loaded via %....)


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