RE: [xsl] Parameter problem

Subject: RE: [xsl] Parameter problem
From: "Marsha Salo" <Marsha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 13:59:57 +0200
Hi Dave

i have made the changes as you have said,

	<xsl:template match="PartyList/When [last()]">

		<xsl:param name = "first"/>
		<xsl:param name = "last"  select="@Attendance"/>

		<xsl:variable name="difference" select = "$last -
		<TD><xsl:value-of select="$first"/></TD>
		<TD><xsl:value-of select="$last"/></TD>
		<TD><xsl:value-of select="$difference"/></TD>

	<xsl:template match="PartyList/When [1]">

		<xsl:variable name="firstN"><xsl:value-of
		<TD><xsl:value-of select="$firstN"/></TD>
		<xsl:apply-templates select="following-sibling::When
			<xsl:with-param name="first" select="$firstN"/>


but the parameter 'first' in template PartyList/When [last()]
still does not have a value. And difference is NaN.


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Subject: Re: [xsl] Parameter problem

<xsl:template match="PartyList/When [1]">
here your current node is a When element
so here
<xsl:apply-templates select="PartyList/When [last()]">
you are selecting a When grandchild of the current When element.
i suspect that you don't want that, you want your youngest sibling so
<xsl:apply-templates select="following-sibling::When [last()]">

Incidentally don't do
	<xsl:param name = "last"><xsl:value-of

	<xsl:variable name="difference"><xsl:value-of select = "$last -


<xsl:with-param name="first"><xsl:copy-of

It makes the system work much harder than necessary.

just use 

	<xsl:param name = "last" select="@Attendance"/>
        <xsl:variable name="difference" select = "$last -$first"/>
       <xsl:with-param name="first" select="$firstN"/>


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