RE: [xsl] Getting values for attributes from a different XML.

Subject: RE: [xsl] Getting values for attributes from a different XML.
From: "Jasthi, Siva R." <siva.jasthi@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 12:21:23 -0500
abhijit -

u need to use document() function.

maintain all your parameters in an external *xml file.

then in your stylesheet, refer to that document and initialize the variables in anyway you want.

here is an example of the syntax.

<xsl:variable name="schemaFile" select="document('schema.xml')"/>
<xsl:variable name="schemaRoot" select="$schemaFile/Schema"/>
<xsl:variable name="schemaList" select="$schemaRoot/SchemaFactors"/>

- jasthi

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Subject: [xsl] Getting values for attributes from a different XML.

I dont really know if what I have in mind is feasible.
I have a stylesheet that is used for a number of
documents. This stylesheet is used to generate PDF
using FOP. Hence I am setting various attribute values
such as page size, margins, font-size, font-family etc
in the stylesheet. 
What I would like to know is that is there a way to
get the values of these paramters from another XML
file dynamically. I mean depending on the attribute
values in the XML I want to conver to PDF I would like
to get values from another XML for the above mentioned
attributes. I think this is like opening a XML file
through XSL and accessing the content in the XML.
I would like to know if this is feasible and if anyone
has tried something similar.

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