Re: [xsl] advice/experience to share on content format options

Subject: Re: [xsl] advice/experience to share on content format options
From: Terence Kearns <terencek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 11:53:18 +1000
David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

My favourite is upcast from

I use it regularly.

seems like an awsome product. I'd be mainly insterested in the Java API but that version is excessively expensive for the small contracts I do.

I thought 100 euro quite reasonable.
There we go though.

try EUR500 for single user version with the API
So that's EUR500 I would have to add to the cost of any single-user software I built using the Java API -- per seat!

EUR5000 for site server. Presumably I would need this to utilise the Java API in a website with unlimited users. EUR5000 is a lot of money for a document conversion API -- even if that software can serve unlimited amount of users (I sincerely hope that would cover unlimited user access). Since I build websites which are often public, I guess I would need this version.

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