RE: [xsl] Re: XSLT 2.0: On xsl:sequence and xsl:copy-of

Subject: RE: [xsl] Re: XSLT 2.0: On xsl:sequence and xsl:copy-of
From: David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 10:40:36 +0100
> > MK said:
> >> XSLT 2.0 can now do this too, for example
> >> 
> >> <xsl:variable name="e" as="element()*">
> >>  <a/><b/><c/>
> >> </xsl:variable>
> >
> > ... and what is the data type of this variable please Mike?
Jeni T:

> The data type of the variable above is a sequence of zero-or-more
> elements.
<duh/> :-) OK, I missed that.

> The 'as' attribute indicates the data type of the variable. Its syntax
> is known as a SequenceType -- it describes a sequence of items. The
> items are described by an item type, which can be item() (any item), a
> node test or the name of an atomic type. The usual occurrence
> indicators (?, +, *) mean the usual things (0-or-1, 1-or-more,
> 0-or-more).
> So in this case the items in the sequence are elements (indicated by
> the node test "element()")

?? Which may be tested for using .... Jeni? 
  Its the 'as' attribute on Mikes xsl:variable that determines it to be
an 'element' in this case?

Ok. So (and I think I've asked this before and Mike quoted ?I think?
xsd rec) where is the full list of ' data types' in the current raft of
lists the ones I guessed at.

I couldn't find one, so I guess as with Dimitres 'misnaming',
I (we?) will be fumbling with data types until we've guessed them all?

> > the anonymous type?
> Your getting your terminology confused 

Yes, you're probably right Jeni... but I'm not surprised,
its got to be closer to xsl-fo complexity than xslt 1?

Not getting at you Jeni, honest.

regards DaveP


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