SV: [xsl] Make Hirachy from flat file

Subject: SV: [xsl] Make Hirachy from flat file
From: "Thomas V. Nielsen" <verakso@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 23:42:24 +0200
> Use <xsl:element> or LRE 
> <http://localhost/tr/xslt/#literal-result-> element>.

Other than there is no XSLT reference installed local on my computer, I will
look into the LRE thing.

<xsl:element> is obviously, but I thought the use of <xsl:copy> was needed
in order to make the iteration over the nodes, or am I mistaken?

Anyway, your suggestion about the use of concat(), made me re-write my xslt
to do the key and iteration on the second cell (the prodgroup) since it
gives me all the unique product groups in the spreadsheet. Then I just look
for, when the first cell change (the maingroup), and voila it works.

But for the future, I think I need to dig deeper into this. Make something
useful out of the MS Excel XML format, can be a bit frustrating.

I still have some obstacles to overcome.
1) What if there is more than a 2-level hierarchy (main, product, ect)
2) How to handle blank cells in the spreadsheet.

About 2, is because I use the ss:Cell[cell number]/ss:Data[1] to pull out
the data, but if the user only have filled out the cells 1,2,4 and 5, then
ss:Cell[4]/ss:Data[1], will actually give me the value of cell number 5.


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