[xsl] Entity reference problem

Subject: [xsl] Entity reference problem
From: Ryan Graham <Ryan.Graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 15:23:51 -0700

I am currently using transforming XML -> XSL-FO -> PDF.

The source XML file is validated against a DTD that references several
entity files. The entities are scattered through my source XML; here is an


This should result in the following output:


All of the entities are resolved properly except for "hyphen". (It just
comes over as the generic "block" character) Here is the entity declaration:

<!ENTITY hyphen "&#x002D">

All the entities are declared with their equivalent Unicode in this same
manner, and I have tried using both Verdana and Arial fonts for output, to
no avail. Does anyone know what could be going wrong here??  I have even
tried declaring the hyphen entity as another entity that I know is resolved

<!ENTITY hyphen "&mdash;">

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Ryan Graham

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