[xsl] xsl:when element test with number

Subject: [xsl] xsl:when element test with number
From: "Boyd, Eddie" <eddie.boyd@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 06:28:57 -0700

I have an xsl:when test that is testing for an exact element name:
<xsl:when test="name(.)='my_element'>...</xsl:when>

This works fine if this is all I need, but the problem is that it also needs
to test for the possibility of 'my_element_N' where N is any positive number
('my_element_12' for example).  I've tried the following to account for the
extra underscore in the element name:
<xsl:when test="name(.)='my_element' or starts-with(name(.),

This worked until I realized there are names such as 'my_element_data' or
'my_element_information' etc. which are elements I do not want to process

Is there a way to search for exactly 'my_element_N' using number() or some
other function so I can test for the possibility of 'my_element_1' or 2 or 3
or 672?  Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

Thank you very much!

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