RE: [xsl] A MySQL heads-up.

Subject: RE: [xsl] A MySQL heads-up.
From: "John Marshall" <John.Marshall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 09:24:40 -0000
Sorry Tommie, I know it's off topic, but surely the XML analogue for a NULL value in SQL is no element at all, rather than an empty element or an element with a formal value. Any DTD that refers to an element corresponding to a nullable field must make that element optional.

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At 06:26 PM 12/2/2003 -0600, Paul DuBois wrote:
>At 18:21 -0500 12/2/03, Ben Trafford wrote:
>>         Just a wee heads-up for anybody using MySQL's XML output 
>> seems to export any empty field with a datatype of "text" 
>> as an empty element, rather than an element containing the NULL one 
>> might expect.
>Why do you expect this?  An empty field is not the same as a field that
>contains NULL.

         Weeeeelllllll...according to the mysqldump -without- the -X 
option, it isn't. The same data that came up as empty elements in XML came 
up as NULL fields in the SQL output of mysqldump.

>In both cases, the output for the empty value and the NULL value are
>different.  If they were not, you'd be hard-pressed to distinguish
>the two in your stylesheets.  (Of course, as it is, you can't really
>distinguish NULL from a column containing the string "NULL", hm....)

         As I mentioned above, try using mysqldump on the same data, and 
viewing the SQL you get. You may be surprised. I sure was.


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