Re: [xsl] Summary/Performance/Add Q: convert flat list w/ level information to a hierarcial one?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Summary/Performance/Add Q: convert flat list w/ level information to a hierarcial one?
From: David Tolpin <dvd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 15:09:55 +0400 (AMT)

thanks a lot for the nice subject; I've learned a lot while thinking about it.

> 2. what I learned - surprisingly for me - there is not need for item/container tags!?

If there is a requirement that an entry is atomic regardless of the following elements
if it has item tag, then it has to be processed. For example

    <item type="i" level="0"/>
    <item type="i" level="1"/>

will be turned into

    <item type="i" level="0">
      <item type="i" level="1"/>

by the proposed algorithms. 

If it has to be
    <item type="i" level="0"/>
    <item type="i" level="1"/>

because these are items and not containers, then the algorithms will have to be modified.

> 3. regarding performance
> The typical number of <node>'s ranges btw 100-3000, w/ max. level btw. 3-7

Whether a particular algorithm suits your needs depends on your performance
requirements and robustness of your equipment and software. If a 100 nodes
document is processed in 1 ms, and each 50 nodes increase the time three times,
then the 3000 nodes set will be processed in
3^((3000-100)/50)=4710128697246244834921603689 ms, which is approximately
149357201206438509 years.

> 4. additional question:
> Can your tricky algorithms also deal with my real situation:
> From:
> <items>
>  <item type="c" name="toplevel"><level>0</level></item>
>  <item type="i" name="1. item"><level>1</level></item>
>  <item type="c" name="2. container"><level>1</level></item>
>  <item type="i" name="2.1 item"><level>2</level></item>
>  <item type="i" name="2.2 item"><level>2</level></item>
>  <item type="i" name="3. item"><level>1</level></item>
>  <item type="c" name="4. container"><level>1</level></item>
>  <item type="i" name="4.1 item"><level>2</level></item>
>  <item type="c" name="4.2 container"><level>2</level></item>
>  <item type="i" name="4.2.1 item"><level>3</level></item>
> </items>
> To:
> Same output desired

Yes, elements are isomorphic to attributes in this content. Change all 
occurences of '/@level' to '/level' in either of them.


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