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>Subject: How to detect XSLT extension usage at runtime?
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>From: Joseph Kesselman <keshlam@xxxxxxxxxx>
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>Since you're asking specifically abut Xalan-J features, you might get
>better/faster answers on Xalan's own mailing list(s). For info about how to
>subscribe, see
>       http://xml.apache.org/mail.html#xalan-j-users
>       http://xml.apache.org/mail.html#xalan-dev
>>Since its XSLTC implementation has good performance but
>>doesn't support extensions
>XSLTC (compiled mode) does now support extension functions (though not
>extension elements). See
>       http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/extensions_xsltc.html
>>Is there an accurate programmatic way to
>>examine a sheet at runtime to determine whether or not it is using
>>extensions, so I can switch between compiled/interpreted mode?
>I don't think there's a query built into Xalan which will answer this
>question, if that's what you're asking. You'd have to do it the same way an
>XSLT processor does it -- scan the stylesheet searching for the XSLT syntax
>which invokes an extension. Theoretically that query could leverage our
>existing XSLT parser and internal parse tree, but those aren't really
>public APIs.
>It might make sense to suggest that Xalan itself be made intelligent enough
>to detect features that are supported in interpretive mode but not compiled
>mode and automatically fall back to interpretive rather than issuing an
>error to the user. (Though the effort spent on that might be better
>invested in figuring out how to add the missing features to XSLTC mode...)
>If you want to pursue that idea, it's definitely a topic for the xalan-dev
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