Re: [xsl] attributes and elements

Subject: Re: [xsl] attributes and elements
From: "J.Pietschmann" <j3322ptm@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 21:05:17 +0100
Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
--->                    <xsl:if test="*/condition">
--->                        <xsl:apply-templates/>
--->                    </xsl:if>

The test test, whether one of the child elements of the section element has a condicion element as child. I just can't quite match the XSLT with your problem spec, as a rather wild guess I'd say try: ... <content> <xsl:apply-templates mode="filter-condition"/> ...

<xsl:template match="*[@condition='screen']" mode="filter-condition"> <xsl:apply-templates/> </xsl:template>

<xsl:template match="node()" mode="filter-condition"/>


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