[xsl] Get Values from other .xslt files

Subject: [xsl] Get Values from other .xslt files
From: Iris Benjamin <Benjamin.Iris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 17:01:23 +0100

In my Hard disk, I have a BUILD folder. It contains several USECASE folder.
Every USECASE folder contains a UC.xml and UC.xslt which I use to show
UC.xml as a web page. In every USECASE folder I use the same UC.xslt !

In UC.xslt, I have created variables NumberSuccess and NumberFailed. 
Obviously, according to the datas in the UC.xml file that UC.xslt
transforms, these two variable have different values in each USECASE folder.

Now in the BUILD folder, I have SUMUP.xml that stores the names of every
USECASE folders. 
I created a SUMUP.xslt, and using these names, I would like to look in every
USECASE folder, get the values of the two variables in the UC.xslt in each
folder and display them thanks to SUMUP.xslt. 

So what I am asking is : From SUMUP.xslt (stored in BUILD folder), how can I
get the values of 2 variables contained in every USECASE.xslt of every
USECASE folder that are under the BUILD folder

I hope it s clear, thanks a lot for your help

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