[xsl] Ann: Freeware 'XSLT Documentation'-tool

Subject: [xsl] Ann: Freeware 'XSLT Documentation'-tool
From: agnes.kielen@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 8:40:34 +0100
Hello list,

About year ago I created for my own convenience several stylesheets to help me with documenting my project stylesheets. These tylesheets became the basis of a small tool, that I call 'XSLT Documentation'-tool. This tool has the following characteristics:
- Self-documenting stylesheets
- Production stylesheets without documentation
- HTML-files from the documentation within the stylesheets

Tool features are:
- All documentation-elements are in a seperate namespace. 
- All documentation-elements are at the top-level, so no fallback is 

- During development and testing it is possible to use the stylesheet with documentation nodes. 
- Removing of all the documentation-nodes is possible with a stylesheet named createProduction.xsl. 
- Extraction of all the documentation-elements is possible with a 
stylesheet named createDocumentation.xsl. 
- Creation of an HTML-page from the documentation-XML with a stylesheet named docToHtml.xsl.

The tool includes a DTD and an explanation. It can be found at 
www.kielen.com. Good luck with it all.

Agnes Kielen

PS: With thanks to Dave Pawson who was so kind to check my English.

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